East Woodhay Cricket Club - EWCC 100 Club

The East Woodhay 100 Club is a vital source of income for the club.  As a club with a clear “cricket for all” philosophy we keep annual subscriptions and match fees to an absolute minimum to prevent it being a bar on playing.  The 100 Club offers those who are able an opportunity to contribute a little bit more financially to the club as well as having the chance to win a monthly cash prize!

For full details and to download an application form please click here:


1st Prize                     
2nd Prize                  
3rd Prize                       
January 2021
Mark Chapman
James Mitchell
Paul Jacobs
February 2021
Tammy Courtney
Geoff Neale
Steve Waine
March 2021
Mark Chapman
Dominic Walters
Geoffe Neale
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